Production Facilities

1. Cab Metal Shop
2. Paint Shop
3. Trimming Shop 
4. Chassis Drilling
5. Frame Riveting 
6. Main Assembly Line 
7. Engine Assembly & Test Shop
8. Axle Assembly Shop
9. Quality
Cab Metal Shop: Body shop set up is well equipped for making all models.
Paint Shop: Paint shop is equipped with latest technology containing Pre-treatment, CED, Seam sealing, Top coat booth and baking ovens facilities. Fully automatic carriers for PT and CED process. Automatic conveyors at Baking Ovens. Positive pressure and air filtration at Top coat.
Trimming Shop: Cabin interior Fitment Facility.
Frame Riveting: Consist of wide range of hydraulic riveters ranging from 12 to 40 tons.
Chassis Drilling: All type of drill Machines available to meet requirement of all type of Trucks.
Main Assembly Line: Two Main Assembly Lines, Working simultaneously.
Engine Assembly & Test Shop: Test benches to test engines up to 500hp.
Axle Assembly Shop: Front and Rear Axles are assembled for all types of models.
Quality: Inspection as per product  specification. High Tech Equipment for Speed Test, Angle Test, Brake Test and Side Slip Test.
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