Service Activities and Warranty

Service Warranty

The warranty of the vehicle is valid for 12 months or 100,000 km  whichever covers first, from the date of sold to the retail buyer.
Service Activities

Operation of Service Department can simply be defined as:
a) Trouble-free operations/ optimum performance of vehicle.
b) Fix It Right the FIRST TIME.
c) Regular training programs to strengthen dealer’s base.

Ghandhara Automobiles' prime objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to highly profitable results. Our major operation revolves around customer satisfaction. This makes Ghandhara Automobiles a truly CUSTOMER ORIENTED COMPANY. Service department have a team of professionals, to obtain following goals:
• Expansion/ strengthen authorized dealer network
• Customer follow-up
• Periodic visits to dealerships
• Free checkup campaigns
• Customer Complaint Handling
• Training programs
• Service Publications

Expansion/Strengthen Authorized Dealer Network:
In order to provide efficient after sales services to our valued Customers the current dealership network is being strengthen and expanded further keeping in view customers demands and expectations.

In this regard countrywide surveys are conducted time to time to evaluate/mark the cities/areas. Moreover, if dealers already exist at such location, the existing dealer’s facilities are upgraded on regular basis.

Customer Follow-Up:
In order to provide personalized services to each and every customer, it has been planned to introduce following system:
• Dealership is maintaining customer profile and full service history of the each unit, including all scheduled maintenances and repair works carried out.
• Customer will not have to repeat the service history again and again.
• Dealership is having computer data based records of all their customers with their mailing addresses. These mailing addresses are valuable for marketing purposes as well. Dealers are mailing reminder for next due checkup, seasonal campaign and free checkup clinic advance information about new products to be launched in future and other promotional activities intimation for their customers. This is increasing loyalty, help retaining customers and enhancing brand image.

Periodic Visits to Dealerships:
Service staff visits periodically to service dealerships to collect product feedback information and to assist / guide the dealer in resolving their day to day problems.

Further, technical specification and features of product are also discussed in order to update their knowledge about product. During visits, our Service Staff supervise / attend customer complaints and warranty cases at the dealerships to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Free Checkup Campaign:
Ghandhara launches countrywide Free Checkup Campaign, on annual basis at their dealerships. Schedule of campaign is advertised well before commencement through leading newspapers and by mailing direct letters to customers / fleet operators.

Thorough checkup of vehicle is performed by the team of Ghandhara experts and necessary advice regarding daily checkup, periodic maintenance and repair is given to end users for durability and the best performance of vehicles. Moreover, campaign helps in order to collect customer’s feedback about product performance and improvements to enhance their satisfaction.

Joint Free Checkup by DFCV and GDFPL Staff

Customer Complaint Handling:
All the vehicles are warranted for a specific period or mileage, whichever comes first, for the faults which may occur due to assembly, poor workmanship and quality. Following is the flow of customer complaint handling:

Mobile Service Support Units:
Against unplanned standstills, if customer experience an unplanned stop, we promise to have customer back on the road, as soon as possible.

From the moment customer log the stop with the Ghandhara DF Customer Support, the clock starts.

When Dongfeng Customers needs assistance, he just dial Ghandhara Customer Support for quick, reliable roadside assistance to ensure minimal downtime.

If customer has signed the Ghandhara Service Contract, then owner probably never needs it. But Ghandhara Mobile Service Support is always there to take care of our assets, i.e. CUSTOMER FIRST.

Training Programs:
Objective behind these training programs is to improve and update technical skills and knowledge of technicians, who are directly engaged in repair / maintenance of vehicles. So that customer complaints / problems can be diagnosed, handled, and resolved efficiently in a professional way.

These training programs cover all aspects of products.

Lecture and Practice:

Drivers’ Training Programs:

On Vehicle Training to Dealers Technical Staff:

On Vehicle Training to Fleet Operators Technical Staff:

Service Publications:
Translation of some publications is also done in local language for easy understanding of Customers, Technicians, Drivers and Fleet owners.
Warranty Booklet 
Guide Book
Technical Bulletin
Technical Bulletin
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