Statutory Committee

Human Resource & Remuneration(HR&R) Committee:
The Committee meets annually to review and recommend improvement in compensation/ remuneration of employees and devise policies for the development of senior executives.
The following directors are members of committee:
Mr. Javaid Iqbal Chairman
Mr. Ahmed Kuli Khan Khattak               Member
Mrs. Shahnaz Sajjad Ahmed Member
Mr. Mohammad Zia Member
Mr. Polad Merwan Polad Member

Board Audit Committee(BAC):
The Board Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities, primarily in reviewing and reporting financial and non-financial information to shareholders, systems of internal control and risk management and the audit process. It has the autonomy to call for information from management and to consult directly with the external auditors or advisors as considered appropriate. The Chief Financial Officer regularly attends the Board Audit Committee meetings by invitation. After each meeting, the Chairman of the Committee reports to the Board. During the year 2018-19, four BAC meetings were held.
The following directors are members of committee:
Mr. Polad Merwan Polad Chairman
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Ali Kuli Khan Khattak Member
Mr. Salman Rasheed (FCA) Member
Mr.  Muhammad Zia Member
Mr. Muhammad Saleem Baig Member
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